Do We Really Fear Mortality & Why?

First, It is definitely not uncommon to be surrounded by people who often talk about their age and how they plan out for longevity. But what is really Puzzling is that the fact of people only concerns about longevity but not the other way round? What I mean by that is everyone strives to prolong … Continue reading Do We Really Fear Mortality & Why?


Knowing how to Batch is really Essential

Credit Firstly, I dedicate this great idea and credit to TobyG, a YouTuber who produces quality videos and teaches people like myself on the use of Adobe AfterEffect and Adobe Premiere Pro. One of his great idea applied to both video making, blogging or any other profitable hobbies is batching. Check out this link to his … Continue reading Knowing how to Batch is really Essential

Conventionalized Spoonfeeding

Mothers have always been spoonfeeding children from young until they are old enough to take care of themselves, to have a family, to have bought a house, a car, etc. Teachers have always been teaching students the correct way to learn English, correcting their spellings and grammars until the students are capable of grasping the … Continue reading Conventionalized Spoonfeeding