Reading Unseen

Reading a message is no big deal, really. But there are people who read the messages beforehand wherein the sender is not notified about the message being read by the recipient. So, how's this possible and why there's people out there trying to read the message undetected?

Salty & Toxic

In the game world, we often encounter a lot of people popping the words 'Salty' and 'Toxic'. Both of the words also become general in today's community. But seriously, what are they really saying?

Exposure: Language

Students these days tend to conceptualize the very thought that the only way to increase their language competency is through classroom and tuition. This kind of thought slowly demotivates the students to even extend their reach to grasp on the singular purpose of learning a language. It has become an unbecoming habit to them that…

Complete & Finish

When you use the two words to describe a job done at hand, it's completely fine. But if you use them at the wrong time, it would be a finisher for you. For more information about the two words, let's discuss their meaning differences and similarities.