About Me

I am an Average John, residing in Malaysia. I am at my 25 and currently studying my Master of English Language Studies at my university.

I am the author of this blog, The English Expedition (TEE). I’ve just recently started blogging on December, 2016.

My main focus on this blog is to blog about my trains of thought (linguistics & philosophies) and the English language with a mix of other miscellaneous minor topics.

I believe that we are unconscious or unaware of the little things that are happening around us. By addressing them to the readers, we can have different perspectives looking at our lives and perhaps even do something about it. My role here would be focusing on telling my readers the philosophical topics such as Perfection is a Lie

My Passion & Enthusiams


The English Language

No doubt I love the English language so much as if it is infused into my blood vein. The wonder about English is not just its system, but also it is about its nature, grammar, structure, vocabulary, varieties, linguistics, and its pervasive use in many fields such as in philosophy and psycholinguistics.

English’s my Enthusiasm.

Because of my love towards English, one way to express its beauty is to write English by writing on this blog. It has become my enthusiasm to be able to write about English and share that passion and understanding with my fellow readers.

For example,

  1. TEE (The English Expedition) Journal
  2. Extra English
  3. Word of the Day
  4. School of Thought
  5. Titbit Review


What has really constantly intrigued me is the question about our very own existence. What is the purpose in our life? Why are we given the chance to exist on this planet Earth? What is our role in this community?

Perhaps one of the most fundamental questions we can ask ourselves is ‘Who am I?’ We may have plenty of answers to it but we may find them unsatisfactory to a certain extent. There are a lot of opinions and thoughts surrounding these simple yet mysterious questions that contain no definite answer.

School of Mind, Train of Thoughts.

That is the beauty of philosophy as it concerns about everyone. One main reason that it is important is because it is also related to other aspect in our lives such as the nature of mind, the nature of our freedom and responsibilities and the nature of theory of knowledge.

Thus, I seek to share my thoughts on these topics in this blog and hope to give a different idea and my own perspective to my fellow readers.


From the love of English gradually establishes the love of writing and eventually blogging. I am but an amateur blogger and seeks to constantly improve and blogging about my passion with my fellow readers. Blogging has become my truest passion and essentially getting people to engage with has never been so much thrilling.

I love to share my thoughts, viewpoints, and opinions and they can be in the form of an entertainment, a review, my personal journal, a random topic, a debatable issue and a discussion.

It is not just about blogging but more about sharing. As the saying goes,



I believe sharing can make it insightful, resourceful and enjoyable to read while at the meantime sharing whatever helpful knowledge as much as possible from my experience. It’d be even more helpful with all of us can exchange viewpoints and have discussions altogether.

Welp, hope to hear from you in the comment and I will be sure to follow you! Ta-ta!