I am but an Average Joe with a basic habit of sharing with the people. Writing blog posts or blogging has become my truest passion and essentially getting people to engage with has never been so much thrilling. My random thoughts of writing a blog post can be in the form of an entertainment, a review, my personal journal, a random topic, a debatable issue and a discussion so that everyone can enjoy reading my view towards these topics that I have written.

One of the many reason I blog is also because there are many things which we are entirely oblivious to in our vicinity, or perhaps we notice its presence but then we ignore and continue on our daily activities. Because of this, I find myself where I wish to imply the state we are in by creating an awareness towards the issue like in one of my blog post regarding about Mouthwash. Many people do not realize the product they are using, its nature and significance, and finally the consequence unfold.

Besides, our world consists of uncountable problems that we barely manage to solve. Each problem that is being solved arises yet another problem at the seam, thus increasing its number from each corner. I believe that by sharing the solution that I have found, people will have saved a lot of time and effort to solving the specific problem. Although the solution that I have found may varied for different people or yield different result, still there always lies a chance that the said solution will be helpful to anyone in need.

The most intriguing of them all is the many questions in our life. For instance, A Worker’s Life of Dilemma talks about the common yet difficult decision struggle faced by many people in their work. For some people, it may seem trivial to concern about but it has inadvertently affected them physically and mentally. In this blog, I would like to share, discuss and make awareness of such situation to the readers. Maybe all of us can help each other just by exchanging our opinions and views through the blog.

Therefore, these are my aims of writing my blog. I believe to make it insightful, resourceful and enjoyable to read while at the meantime sharing whatever helpful knowledge as much as possible from my experience. Feel free to chime in your thoughts and leave down your comment below 🙂

One more thing! I also created another blog dedicated to explore the basic English grammar. It is always good to lend a hand to people who have difficulty in the said language. You can check out this website, www.basicenglishshortandsimple.blogspot.com, and tell me what you think.

Welp, hope to hear from you in the comment and I will be sure to follow you! Ta-ta!