Internet Filtering Skill

Nobody notices that surfing the internet takes up an actual learning skill in order to achieve the expected result. Sure. Everyone just googles their way out by basically inserting any words into the search bar. However, what comes out from the search result will be entirely different or not what the user expects it to be, most of the time.

Stop your search if you are suspicious of that website.

You can have million and million search results and the answer is abundant no doubt. But do you know what result is the right one for you? Do you know which result is what you’ve been looking for?

For example, You search for a Movie Review. There will be tons of sites reviewing the movie but which one of these reviews are the genuine and credible sources? Are they to be trusted or they are just sites carrying malware once you enter the site?

These are the 4 things you can do when you are picking up the internet filtering skill.


There lies a lot of sites from the moment the search engine pops them up in front. From the first look, they all look the same most probably with different titles and descriptions.

Of course when it comes to internet filtering skill, you need to know which site is credible or simply can be trusted. Some of the information out there regarding the product or solution to a problem is not true at all.

With the Information being credible, you can safely trust the site.

These information may be a one person’s opinion, an organization without a reputation or even an authority with the mere desire to sell out to the people for the sake of profit.

That’s why, credibility is important. Established organizations such as Reader’s Digest, TIME Magazine, National Geographic, News Straits Time, etc. Their information is well established around the source and could or may have one error or two according to the issue concerned. But overall, their credibility is what the information we seek of.

On the other hand, Wikipedia has also plenty of complete information almost about anything. The downside to it is that its content can be edited by anyone, and this is where the information filtering skill will be used to only take in what you think it is credible.

Narrow your desired search

Narrow down as specific as you can to get a better result!

To filter out the needed information you’ve been looking for, basically just type the specific word into the search bar instead of typing the whole sentence.

“How do I filter out information in the internet?” can be reduced to “filter information in the internet”. The more specific it is, the more refined the search result is. That’s what you will be looking for.

Sometimes the more succinct it is, the clearer and precise the result it will show so that other unneeded information will be absent from the one long page of search result.

Comments & Feedbacks

Comments help a lot in a site whether the information is true or false. If a website promoting the product with no comment to be found, you might wanna find other site for more information about the product which there are other people commenting about it so that you can get a clearer picture.

People’s comments & the host’s feedbacks are always helpful to look out for real info!

The comments help a lot in the way that when a site brags a lot about the product. The people of the comments chime in by giving their verdicts. Most of the time the verdicts are honest and experienced as they probably have used it. Of course, not all comments are helpful, some are just there to troll.

Carefully reading and selecting comments to know more about the product is definitely one effective way to filter out unnecessary information.


Weird URL will occasionally be suspicious, be wary of such URLs.

Whatever the search engine it is, be it Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc. These search engines will surely be listing the URL or the website under the title.

It looks small but provides the credibility of the website. Some websites can house a host of malware and viruses once you’ve entered its domain, and some websites are just hackers lying in wait.

If you see something out of ordinary about that URL, be sure to stay clear from the site. Most of the time, those URLs are just pure jumble of words or misspellings.

Filtering out these URLs will provide you a lot more strategics way to find the concise information you need.

In The End,

Internet Filtering is a skill that needs to be learned by anyone nowadays. It’s important for the user to know what they are looking for, and more important to know what is dangerous.


Just like the real world where you need to be aware of the people around you, internet now is no different than that.

Be Careful & Stay Safe, everyone!


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