To Do after a Failed TryHard


Often times we try too hard to succeed at anything. We try. We try. And we try. 50% of the time, hardwork pays off. But the other 50? Somehow the result or what you expect is the opposite.

What happens? What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve this?

Some people follow everything in the guideline so that their path to the objective is not led astray. In the end, it falters. These are some things unexplained as to why God forsake us for not being able to complete the mission or is this the God’s will?

We don’t know why. But what you can do after failing a Try Hard are these:

1. Acceptance


Scenario: So, you tried a lot, spent those extra times when you could have taken a nap, put in those massive amount of concentration to get it done. Right now, you just gonna wait for the right result.

Consequence: The result ended up looking bad or just completely rubbish. What are you going to do? Ragequit? Of course that is the normal reaction one had have under those circumstances.

Solution: Sit down. Relax. Take a deep breath. Chill. Let it be as it is. You cannot change something out of your control. It’s fate.

However, what you can do is to accept what it is. By accepting what it is, you learn to master what is within your control and perhaps the next time, expect the expected outcome and not bewildered by the unexpected.

Accepting it as the result will soothe your mind and calm the heart. It opens up your viewpoint towards the world as it is.

Not only that you accept it, but you should also know what’s your range of controlling things that you’re capable, and then control it to your advantage.

2. Looking for Alternative and Tweak


Scenario: All those strategies you’ve studied seem to be promising since everybody used it and has proven it to be successful. So, you go and try. Step-by-step. Should be easy.

Consequence: Those strategies that you have invested for a long time seemed to not work effectively at all. Rather, it led to a total downfall on your plan.

You must be thinking, “I follow exactly as it is, step-by-step. WTF?” Still, that’s something to be questioned.

Solution: Everyone and sometimes everything’s different. No two person are alike and heck, even no two things are alike. Although most people did the same thing, it might occur to be falling when it’s on you.

If this really happens, try to look for other option. One of the point in that said strategy may be different for your slight varied situation.

When you have focused down and pinpointed on it, try to tweak and adjust it to your situation. Most of the time, it takes extra effort but it works. (This always happens to me!)

3. Relax and Forgo


Scenario: Same as the 1st one, put too much effort and time into it, hoping the rewards after is worth it all.

Consequence: Trying so hard to get that right result but you end up 1 mark below perfection.

Solution: Sometimes, the best solution is quite ironic. DON’T TRYHARD. It happens almost all the time and it works too.

Sometimes, the law of nature only grants its rewards to those who just simply relaxes throughout the whole scenario whilst not giving up doing it. Those who still focus on accomplishing it but not so hard sacrificing that extra hour of nap.

You will realize that the beautiful result though not perfect will come to you. It’s not perfect but it’s considered awesome to others. A lot of scenario in our life just doesn’t have to always be tryhard. Do your best and it will come.



It’s okay not to tryhard on it. Don’t feel guilty about it. That magic however not perfect will still benefit you in one way or another. Cherish what is gifted to you.

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