Losing is Winning; Winning is Losing


Winning is NOT Winning

Everyone thinks that winning will leads to a constant win throughout. This kind of mindset is actually not realistic but instead it’s broken. Constant win or a major overturn in a match easily amalgamates both overconfidence personality and that champion mentality.

You have to know, Winning is Losing and will eventually leads to a downfall. It’s true. No king can last long before being dethroned. The said amalgamation will slowly corrupt the mind of the winner and exposes the vulnerabilities to those who seek to defeat the winner.

Thus, we should not brag about our victory or be mighty proud of our achievements. 


Total Loss leads to Winning Way

A loss will teach a man how to fish from scratch.

First, a loss destroys completely of a man’s spirit, physically and mentally. If the man cannot survive, he will perish in the wake of quick rising challenges. If the man learns to realize his mistakes, he will strive to build up his strong fortress.

A loss, though hope-crushing and demeaning, is helpful in so many ways. For example, a man who lost his job might find a better job in the future in terms of pay, working environment and stress-free.

In real life when we are being tricked, the next thing we learn is to bring ourselves to its presence, identify it and defend against it the next time it is around. That just might have increased our wits and knowledge, which can be used to defend any sort of these threats.

Henceforth, Losing is Helping Us to Win. To overcome thousands of obstacle or to smack hard on our face from our slumber. This is to allow us to engage in self-realization.


In the End,

Winning will overindulge ourselves into bragging, and leading us to utter ruination. On the other hand, having lost everything will trigger you to start anew to become better and hence, ready to face what the world can throw at you.

“Lose To Win”

Image Source

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