Chaos is Order

“Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. It always defeats order, because it is better organized.”

― Terry PratchettInteresting Times: The Play

The Truth About Law

Everyone of us perceive order to be favourable as compared to disorder because orderliness is what we seek for its nature;

  • to make things in alignment
  • to organize our thoughts
  • to assuage our way to find things if we are to forget
Chaos makes Order.

Order manifests the authority to possess higher powers to control, to dominate, and to rule with an iron fist.

However, not all law is conformed by the community. Not all rule is accepted and carried out willingly. Sometimes, the truth about law is that Chaos brings Order.

Disorder is the Better Order

Anarchism exists:

  • to bring balance where law has failed; where law has been corrupted; where law has met its end.
  • to justify what is right and what is wrong in the balanced scale.
  • to bring justice to the injustice (including the people to the higher authority).

What one thinks that it is in order might be a chaos to others. There is nothing in this world where order lives for eternity. There would be bound to engender chaos within order; and that it brings the Better Order.

Total Chaos is the Organized Perfection.

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