Perfection is a Lie

“Perfection is a lie, and lying to others is explicable but lying to oneself is the highest form of deceit.” – Chinonye J. Chidolue

no-perfectionPerfect, for Better or for Worse?

When we say the word “perfect“, it brings boundless meanings from many directions. When we wanna achieve perfection, we would put forth an immense amount of effort in order to obtain that result or without flaw. When we wanna be perfect, it means we would be without any imperfection or impurity, a single human being having possessed excellent traits.

When we do everything to achieve perfection, are we actually destroying ourselves from within? When we want to pursue something in order to attain pure greatness and excellence, are we in fact leading ourselves into total oblivion? In that pursuit alone, a lot of things had to be sacrificed beforehand in order to become “God”.

Hence, if we desire to become something greater while distancing ourselves from weaklings alike, are we not “trading our life with the devil” which is much worse than what we had imagined in the first place?

The Dark Pursuit

“The rose-garden world of perfection is a lie and a bore too!” – Joanne Greenberg

Everyone wants to become more. More than just good. It’s about becoming better. When we capture the concept of how to becoming better, we would commit ourselves to a thirsty quest to transform ourselves becoming a state-like-God.

However, after you have completed the quest, you begin to doubt whether it’s good enough. That doubt itself starts to consume you again as you feel panic, stress and anxious that your newly improved state will deteriorate soon. Hence, you give chase the same quest but comes with tough challenges.

That quest will change you slowly and soon entirely. Chasing perfection will break your spirit and will. It will destroy whatever beauty and innocence lies within you. Perfection is annihilation.

You will be the one you have always wanted to be. You will change. Your friends and family will perceive you differently. You will treat them differently too, with a higher expectation of what they can offer you or how they treat you. You will change.


Perfection & Excellence with a Borderline

No matter what you choose to believe, pursuing perfection is not what you expect. Nobody and nothing is perfect. All of us inherit different kind of weakness and pitfall within, luckily, which can be rectified and improved on. The focus and intention of what we want to capture is a total difference in terms of perfection and excellence.

We can strive to become excellent, but not perfect.

  • Excellence can be defined as getting 80% marks and above in an academic result while perfection would be maintaining that 100% marks, which is literally quite impossible to do.
  • Excellence allows us to be adept in many skills while perfection would push us to the extreme end to become the top around the world.
  • Excellence can minimize the mistakes we have made while perfection cannot forgive those mistakes at all.
  • Striving to be excellent is doable while chasing perfection is unreachable.

Accepting Reality as It is

“To err is human”

We are human. We all make mistakes. We have to accept that we aren’t perfect. To become perfect would lead us down the road to misery.

We have to forgive ourselves the mistakes we have done. We can strive to improve on the imperfection we possesses. From that improvement, we understand the failure and therefore succeed at tasks we have not be able to complete before.


In the end, imperfection is the reality and perfection is a lie.

Here is the link of the perfect description of what it means as perfection is never achievable explained by Benedict Cumberbatch in Goalcast video.

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