Why You Shouldn’t Give a Shite Anymore

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A New Start to change Someone’s Life to Positivity

There are moments in life…

…where you have told yourself to be a new man in this strange land with all the new friendly faces. You promised yourself that you would improve and become a changed man, to make friends, to appreciate everything around you and to excel in things where they have not come across your mind.

Seemed like everything was in order and therefore, you embraced that bright holy light in front of you.

Hidden schemes hatching behind your back

Little did you know…

…that you heeded little attention at grasping the very reality that’s about to unfold one step at a time as you moved forward. You became too comfortable having so much “temporal” happiness around you, and what both you did and say would slowly be perceived differently by your fellow friends, whom they were not ready to show their truest to you.

You embraced too much of that light that you have forgotten the looming darkness engulfing those shed of lights from every corner of your surrounding. You would go all out to help your friends when they found themselves to be in difficult situations. You would sacrifice those moments where you have been resting in order to give your friends an easier life in spite of your difficulty.

Realization of the scheme taking form in reality

In the midst of embracing every moments…

…you only realized of everything you’ve done, they only remembered the unforgiving mistakes you’ve done in the past, either by accident or by with no pure evil intention. To err is human, but your friends already formed an alliance without you.

You only realized that great courage you’ve put forth has been easily put down by those decisions you’ve made differing from the group. Then, they started to perceive you as a foreigner, a hostile to the group, a distrusted ally. Your help was after all, by then, worthless and yielded no value.

You only realized that they were actually more happy belonging to themselves even though you knew that they did no part in helping whereas you did with all you could to help but they just cast you into oblivion. In the end, you realized they liked enjoyment and experiences where they belonged together, not some outcast lending an aid.

I don’t care no shit!

So, why shite shouldn’t be given because…

  1. Your unselfishness efforts would all be in vain if done to someone who does not appreciate it at all.
  2. You know you could have done other things much more valuable than the help they get from you.
  3. You only understand yourself while they don’t understand you. Because they fear you and hence, cast you out of their defensive barrier.
  4. You should get yourself comfortable with the people whom few understands you and empathizes you.
  5. Sometimes, doing things yourself is better than teamwork because it is your effort that becomes the focal point of everything you have succeeded.
Relax. Stay back. Plug in your earphone and listen. Everything’s fine.

In the end,

there’s always a reason why Batman works alone. When you have nobody to turn to, remember that you have yourself to count on. Let the whole world comes at you and let them fear of who you are because you don’t need to give a shite to anyone but yourself.


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