Despicable Me 3 Movie Review


“A great, fun and entertaining movie that never gets bored down with a new cast, different plot and the best of all, MINIONS!”


Produced by Illumination Entertainment comes the 3rd film of the Despicable Me franchise, being the sequel of Despicable Me 2.

You meet up the old casts from the film, notably, the former villain-turned Anti-Villain League agent Gru, wife of Gru and adoptive mother of the 3 girls, Lucy, the 3 little girls, Margo, Edith, and Agnes, and finally the yellow fun Minions.

This time, the story takes a wild adventure with the new casts, Dru, brother of Gru and Balthazar Bratt, the new villain of the film. The film also takes Minions on a new spin of their own adventure in which, in my opinion, has the best humour of the entire film.



Despicable 3 certainly paves out a simple, entertaining yet fun story that won’t gets bored throughout the film.

  • Simple, as it is well suited for general audience of all ages with a direct plot.
  • Entertaining, having involved in Gru’s encounter of his new clever villian and of course, the surprising twin-brother, Dru.
  • Fun as it takes audience to witness new encounters such as the relationship between Dru and Gru with their heist, and Minions riot. The Fun never stops until the credit rolls.

However, the film does feel over-encumbered with a lot of issues and side-stories happening too much at the same time. You can say that these side-stories have not-much-to-no tie with the central plot. You have,

  • Lucy’s attempt to becoming a mother.
  • Agnes’s fantasy adventure on chasing a unicorn.
  • Minions’ displeased of Gru and set off their own adventure.


Character Development

All characters between one and another are established equally well without having to lean towards one being strongly favoured than others. Starting from the movie, there are a few relationship developments between:

  1. Dru and Gru, since it is Dru’s attempt to find his twin-brother Gru.
  2. Lucy’s attempt to build rapport among the 3 girls, with Margo being the favoured.
  3. Gru and Balthazar Bratt, whom Gru has failed times and times being outsmarted by Bratt.
  4. Gru and Minions, whom the Minions have come to a point they no longer have faith in Gru reverting to the traditional way (the villian way).

Of course, the notable relationship is between Dru and Gru, without having to cloud other character developments in the film. This is also the mediocre point that the development is simply forgotten after exiting the theater.


Visual Effect

The animation effect has improved tremendously, especially when the Minions are soaked in rain water. That sparkling shimmer on their faces are more than aesthetics, they are simply gorgeous to even look at. That gorgeous effect gives off the feeling of realism and the effort the animators have put into the film. It feels real enough which you are able to feel like them and feel with them.

Other than that, the colour in this film is bright and vividly astounding. The colour matches the background and the characters together as with Balthazar and his purple, the yin-yang colour corresponding to Gru and Dru.


Tone & Pacing

The tone of this film is pretty complicated as compared to the last 2 films, and of course executed well. Not much to expect, of course.

It is complicated in the sense that the bonding between Dru and Gru started off bright and fun until the climax of the film saw both of them being conflicted. The tone takes both brothers into a deeper connection of what it means of finally having each other, albeit with different agenda.

The pacing of this film takes the audience on a steady ride, building slowly from one stage of story to another until where Gru meets Dru and then 2 or 3 side-stories start to happen simultaneously.

Although a lot of things happen at the same time, I feel pretty good not being confused and showered by the side-stories. The pacing gets off steadily fast at the climax of the film, wrapping up the film with the good guys having the upper hand.


Although Despicable Me 3 have skewered away from what defines Gru, which is being villainous and bad-ass, the film does deliver the job well as a family fun adventurous animation movie. The winner of the film has to be the Minions. Their scenes and wise-crack humours get the movie going, probably hilarious than the Minions Movie itself.

In the end, I give this a 7 out of 10, with no critical expectation out of the film. In support of JackyLee1226’s Movie Review, you can check it out his Despicable Me 3 Movie Review.

What do you think of the film? Is it a necessary sequel or should the franchise continue? Let me know what you think by commenting below!

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