Speed Typing – A Crucial Skill? 

Typing at Blinding Speed

Question 1: What is Speed Typing?

It’s totally logical to think whether speed typing is a thing since everyone types at this modern technological age.

Yes, It is.

As a matter of fact, in the current decade, how fast you can type is considered a luxurious skill depending on so many factors. However, all you need to know is that typing speed matters. It’s vital to remember that if you can’t type (meaning that the speed is equivalent to that of a sloth’s), you will have a rough day to even google your thing.

Good Typing Skill is important to Clerk

Question 2: How Speed Typing Skill be Useful in job?

It is becoming progressively useful and beneficial to almost all the medium-to-big companies requiring clerks to be capable of producing letters, memos and emails within an hour. If you are to be an office clerk, you should definitely have your typing skill sharpen in order to be effective and efficient.

Sometimes it is not just about clerk, it can be any office-related-work or any work requiring the use of a computer sending important emails to important clients, typing out essential documents and proposals to be used for the meeting. Of course, the better your typing skill is, the more paperwork you can accomplished at the end of the day.

Typing Skill is measured in Words per minute (WPM)

Question 3: What should the average WPM be to be called as sufficient?

Typing speed can be measured in CPM (characters per minute) or in WPM (words per minute).

To be honest, an average speed would be around 40 to 50 WPM, which is normally the job requirement used by employers. A fast typing speed would be more than 90 to 100 WPM.

Another thing to consider regarding WPM is errors. Some people have high WPM with several errors. An excellent WPM would be considered with a maximum of 2 errors and maintaining 90 WPM.

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Speed Typing should be mentioned in CV and Résumé

Question 4: Is it necessary to list Speed Typing in CV?

In my opinion, if you’re looking to be a clerk or you want to mention about your proficient clerical skill, you should definitely list Speed Typing in your CV and Résumé. Employers seeking to hire a clerk would certainly want someone with a great typing speed with little to no error.

There are several sources in the internet that, however, underestimate the power of speed typing and therefore listed it out of CV because “Everyone can type”.

On the other hand, I therefore disagree with the fact that “Everyone can type”. It’s a necessity to possess this powerful skill. In the next few years, everything will be on internet and computers, paper will slowly become obsolete, and typing will be an invaluable tool to your kit.

Memorizing the characters on your keyboard is important.

Question 5: How to sharpen my Typing Skill?

“Practice makes perfect”

Based on my experience, I currently have 83 WPM with 3 mistakes. The speed I have today is because of gaming in the past. Typing cheatcode “it is a good day to die” in Warcraft 2 with limited time and typing “klapaucius” in SIMS helps a lot when I was 5. Currently, I am blogging and blogging also helps to maintain my typing speed.


  • Surf the internet and find something to type if you are looking to sharpen your typing skill.
  • Blogging can help a lot, in my opinion.
  • Using computer for emails and daily FB messaging can gradually build up the momentum and speed of your typing skill.
  • Memorizing each character on your keyboard can helps too.
Practice makes Perfect


If you want to measure your WPM and looking to sharpen your typing skill, check out this website, http://typing-speed-test.aoeu.eu/. The site tells you where your typing skill stands in the current typing speed around the world.

This is my WPM.

Screenshot (6).png

Feel free to share your result in the comment below!



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