How to Stop Toxic in 5 Ways

The Toxic Norm

Toxicity in the current games’ community is incredibly powerful. Wherever you’ve just joined a game, you’ll be presented with insults and criticisms 80% of the time right when you have done the following task:

  1. Not Communicating with your teammates
  2. Dying accidentally or by mistake to the opposing team
  3. Not doing the objective
  4. Not cooperating
  5. Not winning the game

5 Things to Reduce the Toxic (or stop yourself tilted)

Optimistic & Positive

1. Always stay positive

Staying positive is extremely important in any games and situations. Having a positive mind can help to maintain your gameplay throughout the game and make critical decisions to winning the game. Be confident in your decision-making and always think positively of its outcome.


2. Encourage your teammates

In any circumstances when your teammates succeed in doing an objective and cooperating to get an assist in kill, you should reward them with a simple encouragement, such as “GJ”, “nice” or a happy emoji ” =) “. These encouragements may seem trivial but they are an integral part of winning the game. Constant encouragements can induce your teammates into making critical game-changing decisions and promoting teamwork. Even if your teammate attempts to make a good gameplay but in vain, encourage him. There’s no harm done in encouraging.

Image Source

3. Don’t take Criticism into Heart

It can be hard not to ignore insults at first but as you play more matches, criticisms can simply become a habit. Of course, the most important thing not to get tilted is not to take the insults seriously. Instead, when they insult you, pinpoint and ascertain the mistake, and try to improve upon it. In the end, winning the game is all that matters instead of exchanging insults throughout the game.

Image Source

4. Enjoy the Game (Don’t take the game seriously)

People often succumbs to taking simple quickmatch into an extreme level like in competitive play. Sometimes just enjoy the game as it is meant to be played. You don’t have to push all-out into winning a game. Sometimes just play the game as you would want to play the game. You’ll be surprised you’d be the MVP of the game. For example, Muselk, in his Overwatch video, plays Hanzo in his “not-trying mode”.

Let’s put a smile on that face!

5. Start the Game with a Smile and a Happy Thought

You know the usual, “Hi, team! GL HF”. Be the first to convey those heartwarming messages as they will welcome the happy thoughts of your teammates. You may feel lazy about it but constantly making a simple message as a habit will start the game with a positive aura.

In the end, there’s really no need to increase the toxicity of the game community. WE should all do our part to reduce the toxicity in the current gaming world and be free of this dreaded sickness. What are your thoughts of Toxicity? Share your thoughts below.


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