Word of the Day: Ordinary

Everyone has different perspectives and standards of being ordinary. The rich expecting to have everyone in the family to be rich is ordinary. The champions who always win 9 out of 10 times expect to be winning are ordinary. The group of nerds who are always vying for the top position in class expects to be aiming at 90% score in their exam are considered ordinary.

Truth be told, how should ordinary be defined? That’s why when we say ordinary, it may be a different story for other people. Others would recognize a different standard of ordinary from one another.

To really get to know what it means, we need to sit down and understand the culture, idea and the main view of ordinary from them. As we slowly digest the meaning of what it means to adapt to better understand their way of life, then will we be able to mingle with ease by appearing to them their standard of ordinary.

Because these days too many flocks have emerged and consequently caused many more to be left out of the flock. The reason is never that they want to be left out but instead they just simply couldn’t fit in. Why? They fail to match the standard set by the proud flock. This is just the way how the community works.

Has extraordinary become the norm of being ordinary?

Another example would be during a court. Ordinarily, gals expect to be courted by a man whose selflessness and egoism should be put aside in order to please. A man expects a gal to put her faith and trust into him to accomplish the tasks where it needs to be done by a man himself such as house carpentering. However, the world is shifting, so do to the community. Instead, in some cases, gals would expect some prerequisite standards from a man such as having an excellent sense and a prior knowledge of “being a boyfriend” whilst man expect gals to be more active towards them in initiating a conversation, for instance. These are somewhat the normal thing that happens in the social world.

It all really depends on how you justify the word ordinary. That’s just my ordinary opinion by the way. Cheers!

via Daily Prompt: Ordinary


  1. http://ordinary-magazine.com/product/shop-ordinary-t-shirt/
  2. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jdhancock/3599193065

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