Salty & Toxic

In the game world, both words can be scary and terrifying whether you are a viewer or a gamer. Most of the time as a gamer, you can be seriously salty to the point you are accidentally toxic playing the game. Both words are often used in famous MOBA games such as DotA 2, LoL, HotS, and widely towards other online games such as Overwatch and CS:Go.

The two words slowly ascend into the vocabulary we use in our daily conversation and are put to use to describe one another during those situations outside the game world. Even if the two words look closer than they look, still there lies a distinction between them.


First, let’s talk about salty. As you know, salt comes from the sea and from our tears. When we taste our own tears, it is salty. Joke aside, when gamers get salty, it means they are actually irritated and bitter when the game starts to go against them. For example, when you are being outplayed due to bad luck, poor positioning, your enemy is better than you or in most scenarios your teammates aren’t performing, you start to get frustrated and your emotion is out of place. This is mostly true to a pro gamer who has vast experience in a game and is trying to get the game back on track but in vain. He will become especially salty after losing continuously. One note to remember is that salty is about the inner emotion of the gamer himself.


Secondly, TOXIC. The word itself is scary enough to be avoided at all cost since it kills. Toxicity exists on a wider scale compared to Salty and it can be really bad in a community. To refer to a Toxic player is that he will insult the game, his teammates and/or his foes for whatever reasons. It also can affect other players negatively in the game, making bad of their emotions and thus ruining the whole game. For example, when you are being outplayed, you will vent your anger towards the game and your teammates for ruining the game for you. Most of the time, toxic players will start to troll the game when everything is out of control in their right mind.

For an example from Overwatch, when you kill someone as Junkrat:

Salty: Omg, Junkrat requires 0 skill to play! Nerf Junkrat!

Toxic: Go f****** kill yourself you ****ing noob!!! Change Junkrat ,you #%@$@%#^@%!

In general terms, it would mean that

being extreme Salty doesn’t really hurt you while being extreme Toxic can kill you. In the end, you should better stay away from toxic things!


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