Exposure: Language

Students these days tend to conceptualize the very thought that the only way to increase their language competency is through classroom and tuition. This kind of thought slowly demotivates the students to even extend their reach to grasp on the singular purpose of learning a language. It has become an unbecoming habit to them that everything about language is only learnt through classroom.

Of course that is not the case. To really learn a language, one has to have the motivation to spare his time and effort in exposing himself entirely to the language. That’s right. Exposure to the language can range from speaking the language in his daily life to listening musics and watching movies. At first, it may seem difficult while stumble upon a field of enigmatic symbols, signs, and concepts of the language. Soon, it will develop itself into a known tool that communicates to you.

Yes, one should take up that extra step into embracing the language. With that embrace, no doubt it will be a fine addition of arsenal into the mental capability which is highly sought-after by the working industry. Exposure to the language not only able to increase the learner’s competency in terms of speaking, writing, reading and listening but also able to understand more of its culture and how that language is connected to many other language.

One can actually start exposing to the language by reading a simple book, communicating to the family, friends and teachers, listening to music, watching movies, involve in various activities such as an icebreaker. Give it a few month’s time and no doubt you will unconsciously pick up the language through exposure.


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