Life is INDEED Strange

I’ve been waiting to play the game for so long but there’s been a long list of games waiting to be accomplished. Finally, I’ve managed to get my hands on Life is Strange. I’ve heard that it won numerous awards for its ground-breaking story and that touched many people’s heart. It is almost everyone’s game of the year 2015 (It’s late for me to play, I know).

Despite a few of its shortcomings such as the facial expression of the characters and their lip-syncings, the story itself covers it all without having to worry that the shortcomings being bothersome to the game. Meanwhile for the gameplay wise, it is refreshing, incredible and great to be able to rewind, bend and manipulate time, and also teleport yourself to another place ahead of time. The gameplay element itself is good enough to keep the whole game flow and keep the players’ attention to the seat. Other than just the gifted ability of controlling time, you can also interact with the objects around the environment and several different NPC with their unique personalities, exploring places to find hidden items, and enjoy the scenery by taking pictures with your camera.


You play as Maxine Caulfield, the game’s protagonist, and also instantly becoming my favourite character of all time. She’s just a common teenager who likes to take photographs of anything she finds amazing in its most aesthetic form. The trouble comes (also when the real story kicks in) when she is able to control time. With the ability at hand paves the road of a continuous conflicts down her life. As what Uncle Ben says, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

The character development in this game, especially the main character and the supporting character, Chloe, Max’s childhood friend, is fantastic. In my experience, there’s no such game that can come close to have developed a character so attached to my heart. I genuinely care for Max and her friends, and I try my best to give what’s best for her and to get her out of harm’s way at all cost. The feeling for her is no doubt intensely strong, and you can actually feel her struggle throughout the whole game. Her personality also reflects ours too that we can actually be related to her in some way.

The most heartfelt brutal thing of them all is gotta be the decision-making. It’s especially lethal and cruel to have made the decisions that I regret ( I regret stopping Warren from continuing to hit Nathan to his demise). The most sinful and remorseful one lies at the end of the episode 5. The sheer intensity of guilt within your heart to make a life-twisting decision by making a sacrifice is sure enough to drown you into utter sorrow and desolation. Of course, you feel really sorry for Chloe and the people of Arcadia Bay that all the trouble sinks right on top of them.

Decisions, decisions.

However, I cannot deny that the most conflicted character in this game has got to be Max herself. Although she possesses the almighty power of controlling time, in reality, it’s the worst thing that could have happened to her. With the Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect in place, it is without any doubt that the first thing you think of when you come across anything related to time-travel and time-manipulation is that the main character you totally feel for will sink in deep shit when what she does all these times is trying to makes thing right while other malicious events slowly creep to hurt you. It is that pure sympathy for her that she has to go all the way saving all her friends through blood and sweat but in the end, comes up disappointing. It’s exactly just like Flashpoint Paradox, when after the Flash goes back in time to save her mother, a complete different reality emerges with a more horrible curse inflicted upon the Flash.

In the end, the game deserves full praise. It strikes my fragile heart down in an instant. My heart is drown in its own tears. I definitely recommend everyone to play this game without any doubt. It’s awesome and emotional, especially even the music tracks are attuned to the emotional atmosphere of the game.

What do you think of the game? Drop down the comment and let me know!


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