The 7 Confused & Misused Words

It’s not strange that the addition of every single word to the English dictionary has been ongoing without cease. This is due to the fact that with every secret from around the corner being uncovered will be marked with a meaning and thus it gives birth of a new word representing the new discovery. Having plenty of new addition words to the dictionary, we tend to have confused a lot of these words when using them in our everyday lives.

This is the 7 words that have most of us confused most of the time:

1. Invoke & Evoke

Invoketo elicit and call forth. A photo invokes emotions
Evoketo call on a higher power, petition for support, or implement. She evokes her friend for her homework.

2. Denounce & Renounce

Denounceto condemn or accuse formally. The CEO denounced him for being absent for work.
Renounceto give up. The CEO renounced his position to his successor.

3. Uninterested & Disinterested

Uninterested = Having zero care at all. They are uninterested about the correctness of English grammar.
Disinterested = Being impartial. Careful speakers should be wary not to look disinterested.

4. Formerly & Formally

Formerly = at an earlier time. This is formerly known to be my home.
Formally = by an established forms or structure. The nation is formally called Malaysia.

5. Mute & Moot

Mute = silent. A mute appeal.
Moot = deprived of practical significance. That is a moot question.

6. Exuberant & Exorbitant (in relation to money)

Exuberant = unrestrained enthusiasm.
Exorbitant = exceeding an appropriate amount.
An exuberant use of a credit card leads to an exorbitant bill the following days.

7. Jealous & Envious

Jealousy = feelings of resentment toward another, especially relating to an intimate relationship. Your ex is jealous of my current boyfriend?
Envy = covetousness of another’s advantages, possessions, or abilities. Your ex is envious of his capability?



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