How the Internet Revolutionize English

The internet which was firstly introduced as one of the essential military tool slowly changes into the very instrument that we, the commoners, use in our daily lives. Basically, it has augmented the many aspects in our lives such as finding any kind of information on the internet within a split second. Of course, of all the benefits we gain that has accelerated our intelligence and our ability to quickly adapt into the digital world, let’s not forget that the English language has also been affected by a large extent as time passes.

The internet also houses many languages to communicate with the users to establish a medium of interaction, just like reading a book. The very language that translates the meaning of those words into the message we perceive as gradually becomes affected. Although the meaning behind the message received remains unaffected, it is the form of the language that takes place. However, the difference of the form of the language can lead to different meaning being perceived by the receiver.

These are the many ways that the form of the English language has been revolutionized in the internet:

  • Many long vocabularies have been shortened into a short english spelling using the first few alphabet.
    • Monday -> Mon
    • Tuesday -> Tues
    • Introduce -> Intro
    • Understand -> Und
  •  Other vocabularies have been shortened and represented with an alphabet, or a number, or a mixture of both.
    • Be -> B
    • For -> 4
    • Before -> B4
    • Tomorrow -> Tmr
    • Wait -> W8
  • Some phrases are being shortened into acronym with the first letter of each word being the representative.
    • Also known as -> AKA
    • Laugh out Loud -> LOL
    • What the Hell -> WTH
    • Be Right Back -> BRB
    • Rolling on Floor Laughing -> ROFL
    • Got to go -> GTG
    • Good Game -> GG

      World Wide Web -> WWW

Of course, these are only one form aspect of the English language affected in the internet due to a few reasons such as being lazy to type out the whole word especially in a fast-paced world where everywhere requires a constant fast feedback. This mostly happens in an informal conduct. In the near future, more and more words will be changed and the form of the language will be conducted in a much easy and short way to quickly send out the message to the receiver.


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