Simple English Difference between NamE & BrE

There are indeed a lot of differences between the two Englishes. As I’ve explained the variety of English in previous post, Manglish, NamE or North American English has its fair share of differences with its friend, the British English (BrE). Their stark differences often cause a misunderstanding especially to beginners who happened to stumble upon two intertwining Englishes all over the media, advertisement, books and computer system.

To begin with, there are many differing aspects between the two, namely the accent, vocabulary, grammar and spelling. Most often or not, it is the spelling and vocabulary that hits hard on the beginner who is learning English language as his second language. Mostly, second language acquisition can be exhausting to quickly grasp the language when the mastery of the said language is much more harder than one thought to be.

In terms of spelling, here is the example of Spelling between NamE and BrE.


Because of the British colonization in Malaysia, the English system in Malaysia follows that of the British. However, the heavy influence of American English through media being assimilated into our culture and everyday life has inadvertently caused confusion among English learners. In my experience, I have also swapped the two English words unconsciously, often leading to a mark deduction in my test.

In terms of vocabulary, here is the example of Vocabulary between NamE and Bre.


Hence, these are the many differences of spelling and vocabulary between NamE and BrE. Through constant exposure of the two Englishes by reading, listening and writing, one will be able to sort out the differences clearly. Hope this helps to clear up the little confusion among English beginners.


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