OCD & Perfectionism: What’s the Diff?

In the previous post, I have talked about the nature of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and, its pros and cons. To simply put again, people with OCD tends to mind themselves over small little details whenever possible both in the good sense which, for example, makes the room spick and span, and in the bad sense which always takes up a lot of time, energy and effort on those said details where it would be wise to spend it on other beneficial useful activities (if there is one).

However, there are a mild misunderstanding between the two terms, OCD and Perfectionism among the people. Although both look almost the same as in keeping things in the most perfect condition, the reason behind their doing is completely opposite. Here is the 3 differences between OCD and Perfectionism.

LHP 456 IOP.jpg

 – Mike Leary

Let’s explain the first point. Basically, OCD’s may look like trying to keep everything in order but really they are just there to maintain the order. Meanwhile, Perfectionists not only want to maintain order, they are to ensure that the order fulfills their high expectations and missions. For example, OCD’s just clear up the mess and tidy up the room as to look in an orderly fashion. On the other hand, Perfectionists not only do the same as mentioned above, but also ensure that their hard work are appreciated, credited, praised and finally rewarded.

Moving onward to the second point, OCD’s need to perform their rituals in order to better themselves for the ongoing activities afterwards. These rituals can be like a simple house chores that are required to complete everyday. Without completing them, OCD’s anxiety would act up within and it becomes unbearable to even passing the time. However, Perfectionists have a mindset of their own. They are bound to accomplish tasks set to divide and conquer in what they believe to be righteous. They position themselves high above as if to challenge the impossible, whereby in reality they are only commoners when compared to royalty.

For the final point, everything OCD’s trying to do is basically calming their inner within by completing the said rituals. OCD’s attempts are all about reducing the gravity of the situation, to lessen the burden, all to satisfy their own fragile hearts just for it to look peaceful, quiet and harmonious. Meanwhile, Perfectionists’ doing has never been solely about repairing, it’s about making tremendous effort in crafting the most beautiful product that they have envisioned for a long time. In their views, the product crafted has to be flawless and rewarded for their effort.

In the end, if you are having a serious issue of containing one of them, I suggest visiting a health professional for counselling and identifying whether you really meet the symptoms of having one. It’s not a killing cancer but certainly can be a complete unpleasantness within your mind and heart.

Welp! Stay Safe, people! 🙂



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