OCD: Pros & Cons

In my experience, I was bestowed with the ‘gift’ of OCD. It is basically exhausting but does its job well enough by tidying up the mess without a single speck of dust seen. Possessing this innate gift has its own pros and cons in the end. I believe it is hard to be trained with but it is always possible to be borne with, especially through inheritance. In my case, my mother is the one parent that strives to get the job done as quick and clean as possible without leaving ashes and dusts alive or getting out of the confined space. The sight of a mess is abhorrent enough for my mother to set out a new objective daily by identifying the problem and finding the effective solution.

So what is actually OCD? What does it do to a person with OCD? OCD is defined as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It triggers the person to go mad and intolerable at the sight of an un-orderly manner, disaster, and ill-mannered behaviour by executing with extreme prejudice. To put it simply, one would always ensure that his room is left without a string of hair on the floor every single day. The one with less OCD intensity, like me, would still tidy up the room once per day while the heavy OCD would always be fully operational to ensure the room in the finest condition like a 5-star hotel presidential suite.

However, there are pros to possessing the habit in our lives. It is not that bad having the habit of keeping the environment clean, for instance. To possess one such fine habit is always uplifting to have the surrounding to be on a par with the best expectation one could have. It is even a good trait used to inspire others to have the same idea to their own surrounding. Other good examples of having OCD is:

  1. You will never ever forget where you left the small littleΒ details behind such as car keys, checking the lock of the door and car, switching off the light after leaving the room, etc.
  2. You will always set things straight and fix them up real good regardless of how broken or unbroken things are.
  3. You will always allocate a bit of time to maintain everything is in order, be it the condition of a computer, the cleanliness of the room, etc.
  4. You get countless credits for the spectacular display you’ve put on, which improves your reputation and image.

On the other hand, the cons are rather obvious. With OCD in the blood vein, you will always have to expend that energy and effort to keep everything in check, although it could have been used for other time-worthy activity. Too often you have to clear every single string of hair you found on the floor. This can be extremely exhausting, for example:

  1. Too often you have to worry too much things such as always checking the lock of the door and car after leaving.
  2. Too often you have doubts here and there like trying to find confirmation whether the door is locked. Sometimes, you have to check up to 4 or 5 times.
  3. You have no other extra time to do other useful helpful activities.
  4. You will find no comfort in enjoying doing things like watching a movie when you always worry about the other stuff.

Henceforth, OCD is both a bane and a boon. Sometimes, acceptance is best to have when confronting with OCD people. That is what it is, as an individual, we accept whom the person is, his whole character of both good and bad.


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