It’s & Its: Which one?

I have come across almost a dozen of articles and quotes that have puzzled me to this day. I assume that it is either that American English is basically functioned in that way or that people gets confused of its nature.Maybe a lot of people ignore the fact or just perhaps I just came out from a cave. Believe it or not, it is a norm to see both words interchangeably. For example,

screenshot-23 So, what exactly happens? I am not judging or anything. I just thought that most of the quotes and articles confuse me a lot. To my knowledge, it’s expresses as it is or it has while its represents a possessive pronoun to denote that the object belongs to it. For a much better explanation of the two words used, here is an excerpt from

It’s is the contraction of it is. That means it’s doesn’t own anything. If your dog is neutered (the way we make a dog, however much against his or her will, gender neutral), you don’t say, “It’s collar is blue.” You say, “Its collar is blue.” Here’s an easy test to apply. Whenever you use an apostrophe, un-contract the word to see how it sounds. In this case, turn it’s into it is: “It’s sunny” becomes “It is sunny.” Sounds good to me.

I guess this explains it pretty well enough. I think this excerpt is able to clear the misunderstanding surrounding the usage of the two words as the interchange occurs almost anywhere. It is quite unbearable not to correct the mistake within my mind. So, to simply put in a short simple way:


I hope this simple picture helps! You can check out the link below for more information. Feel free to drop a comment and your thought about it.



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