Flossing the Indispensable Tool

In the previous post I talk about mouthwash being an optional choice to improving oral health, this is because the benefit of mouthwash cannot match with that of flossing. However, although flossing’s benefit is far too invaluable, not many people actually floss in their daily life. This is because brushing teeth alone is enough to improve the longevity of your oral health. However, flossing is also indispensable and has never been deemed as optional.

Flossing is ignored most of the time because of a few reasons. Firstly as aforementioned, as long as everyone remembers to brush teeth, their oral health will never deteriorate. Secondly, the introduction of mouthwash causes many people to abandon flossing as rinsing the mouth is much more easily accessible. Gradually, it has become a trend that mouthwash replaces flossing in their daily life. Thirdly, mouthwash products are being advertised almost all the time throughout the market, shadowing the presence of flossing products.


Hence, in this post, I shall reveal the many benefits of flossing. Let us talk about one thing. Flossing product such as from Oral-B, is not expensive and it can be easily bought at the pharmacy and dental shops. The 5 benefits of flossing are:

  1. Provide an added protection to your gum.
  2. Aid in preventing gum inflammation and other diseases such as:
    • stroke
    • dementia
    • heart disease
  3. Helps to remove debris between two teeth.
  4. Save cost too, without having to visit the dentist as often.
  5. Refresh your breath.

Flossing always comes together with brushing and thus, both become a vital effective tool in improving oral health instead of brushing alone. Flossing is coated with fluoride and when flossing, the fluoride will come into contact with the teeth surface. Fluoride is useful for our teeth as it will helps in preventing tooth decay. Flossing is also the only essential tool that is able to clean the many debris and food bits stuck in between the teeth whereby brushing is incapable of reaching it.

That is why flossing is invaluable to our oral hygiene. Flossing should be done at least once a day. Regardless of age or any excuses, we all should practice the habit of flossing to effectively maintain our oral hygiene.

     Welp, gotta go flossing now! Ta-ta!




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