A Worker’s Life of Dilemma


     During working, if you have to choose between the extra income or a better working environment in the long run, what would you choose? Everyone has had faced this kind of dilemma. One thought that having the extra income could secure a better welfare in the future while having to withstand the torture at the moment. Elsewhere, one thought that by successfully mingled with the co-workers and settled in the new environment, he can have a relaxing mind albeit short of a few extra income.

     Let’s talk about the former situation. Extra income? Who doesn’t love a bonus? You can put additional work with blood and sweat into it and reap that huge reward month after month. Of course, the jinx here is that you get to work along with uncooperative co-workers, filthy management system, poor working environment that become the eye-sore you always have to stick with every single day. All these factors contribute to the pressure and stress within your mind. The rage slowly builds in you while that bonus money slowly slides into your pocket. Hence, it’s been going on for many years to come. Is it worth it?

     How about the latter? You got a better environment to work. Those co-workers treat you like great friends. The manager is pleased to have you working in his company but there’s a price to pay – less 600 dollars compared to the former working place. The money is kinda falling short of your expectation. However, you feel great working here and hang out with the people there just like one big family. Meanwhile, the money is never gonna get you far ahead into a brighter richer future. Hence, you’ll be sticking to this situation for a long time. Is it worth it in the end?

      So what is the ideal working life? How should it be then? Perhaps a balance between the two? This is something to ponder. If it’s the two to choose, which one will you choose?


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