Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Review – Short & Simple


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     If there’s one thing about a stealth tactical game, you would think of Commandos. That’s right. This game is much similar to Commandos. Being developed by Mimimi Productions, players are finally able to revisit the good old days of Commandos to the modern game called Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.

What About It?

Set in Japan of the Edo Period, players are stumbled upon a new age whereupon the shogun has dominated the whole Japan under one banner until a new threat which its name whispered only in shadow, surfaces to destroy what the shogun holds most dear. The player controls up to 5 characters, each with different skill sets to maneuver through the battlefield. Because of the heavy emphasis on stealth, players are tasked to infiltrate, steal and assassinate in most of the missions undetected from an isometric view. The game sets up a few to several milestones for players to unlock such as Do not sound the alarm in one of the missions. The game also consists of a total of 13 missions, with each mission lasting about 1 to 2 hours of gameplay.

What so Special About it?

There are 5 characters controlled by the player. Most of the missions have the player to control 2 to 3 characters. The 5 characters are listed below:

  1. Hayato, a shinobi who uses a blade to silently kill, a shuriken to throw at a distance and a stone thrown to cause distraction.
  2. Mugen, a samurai who uses a sword to silently kill and battle head-on with an enemy samurai (the only one able to kill samurai), a sword wind skill capable of an instant kill up to 3 enemies (except samurai) and a saké to lure enemy.
  3. Yuki, a thief who uses a knife, a trap set up to kill enemy standing on it and a flute to lure enemy at the designated location.
  4. Aiko, an infiltrator who uses a hairpin, a sneezing powder to reduce enemy’s viewcone, and a disguise to distract enemy (except samurai who can spot her).
  5. Takuma, an old rifleman who uses a rifle to shoot an enemy, a bomb to stun or kill an area of enemies and his pet Tanuki to lure or distract.

All of the characters share the same ability given by Takuma himself, which is a firearm with limited ammunition used to get out of a sticky situation. All characters also have bandages to heal themselves.


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The game also offers different environment which affects the mechanic of the game. For example, in snow, players will leave footprint that can acts as a lure and an ambush. During the night, the enemy has more difficulty spotting the players unless the players are close to light sources such as torches.

Besides, Many objects in the environment are interactable with the players. For example, an icicle can be interacted to drop on top of the enemy, causing an accident. Bushes are largely used to conceal and hide bodies.

There is also a special mode called Shadow Mode whereby the players can control 2 characters or more to use their specific actions onto their respective enemies and execute that said actions simultaneously when ordered.


Nonetheless, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun has stood out to be one of the finest stealth-oriented tactical game that offers players a variety of way to execute their actions. Although the game can be quite unforgiving, forcing players to time correctly every single action and punishing the players if they are being found detected or position incorrectly. Most of the time, players are encouraged to quicksave and quickload before the players attempt to engage.

Recommendation: Yes, It’s a Buy



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