Coffee Please?

It’s no secret that I drank coffee at least 5 times per day. The number you heard can be regarded as a threat to health once being heard by the ‘other people’. These ‘other people’ are actually my friends. Once they realize my pure obsession towards coffee, they are quick to be alarmed, almost always acting in a much ‘hostile’ way.

“You shouldn’t drink too much coffee.” said by friend A.

“Coffee again? Do you know it’s bad for your health?” said by friend B.

“You had already drunk 5 coffee. This will be your last!” said by friend C.

Those advice gradually become nothing more than a nuisance or just plain noise. Too often those noises will be filtered out as my attention slowly focused on the coffee itself with the inner voice in my head.

“Come on, you know you want to.” Indeed. The insatiable hunger that drives me to grasp one cup of coffee and to taste that one sip truly exists. That strong yet pleasant aroma is enough to skewer me towards Starbuck and The Coffee Bean. Each morning I’ll start off with one cup and end my day with another. It has become a routine and I’ve no regret about it.

However, the true question here is that why coffee is being perceived as hazardous towards health? Perhaps I’ve encountered a lot of ordeals from my friends having suffered from sore throat, frequent to the toilet, and the most famous of them all, is unable to sleep throughout the night. Perhaps, in my community, coffee is the least consumed beverage compared to tea. Most friends have called me to be a coffee addict. Heck, even one of my lecturer always has his coffee 8 cups per day (No joke!).

Think about it. To be reasonable, almost everything exists to have two sides – pro and con. We perceive that smoking does a lot of harm towards the body yet what we didn’t really realize is that smoking also helps to relieve immense stress. Coffee can be the same too. Although it brings some unpleasantness as said above, it also yields many benefits towards the body (depending on the person).

For example of a few benefits of coffee would be like, from my experience at least,

  1. Provides the energy needed to start off the day
  2. Jump start the brain especially when you can’t think of anything to write on the blog
  3. Skip a nap
  4. Relieve stress
  5. Relax the body and mind

There are a ton of them no doubt as you can surf the net to find the info. Of course, I would definitely encourage everyone to try coffee! For more casual reading about coffee, also offers an insight towards the benefit of coffee.

What do you think of coffee? What’s your experience of having a coffee? Let me know in the mean Welp, I’m gonna drink one myself now. Ta-ta!


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