Intimidating WP at First Sight

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I totally agree that Word Press itself is more complicated than Blogger. I am much like the thousands of people who are in shamble as to how should we step one ahead to promote our blogs. Through medium-to-intense research of blogging, seems the two platform, Blogger and WP, have pronounced quite well across the internet.

Between the two, it is a struggle eitherΒ to continue blogging in Blogger or establish a new foundation in WP. The other factors to consider would be, as you know, monetizing, promoting, sharing, and making life fun. Hence, without further ado, I try WP myself as how it is complicated compared to that of Blogger.

It is totally true to say Blogger is the most easy way to start out for beginners without much option for them to control. Basically, you can just straight write tons of posts without clicking here and there to make the blogspot appealing (for my experience).

Then, I realize that WP has more users and to my understanding, it has more plugins, flexibility, customization and users. Feeling curious, I venture into the unknown and stumbled myself upon the unspeakable horror (well, not the evil sense). It is actually intimidating at first sight to see so much of things to control here and there. Guess the more you need to control here and there, the more freedom and customization you get to correctly make the whole blog to be supreme.

Looking at the blockquote seems easy enough but playing WP indeed requires much effort to understand the mechanism behind it. Although it seems like a big daunting task for new blogger like me, I feel like this only requires homework and study to truly immense myself into WP.

The main reason of blogging is that I like to write. The main reason of switching from Blogger to WP is, of course, trying out and also attempting to share my inner thoughts to the people.Β Welp, Let us begin!


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