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I get asked many times that by majoring in English language, what am I going to be in the future? Surely most would answer a teacher because it seems relevant enough for a language student to succeed as a teacher, or for a more professional job, a lecturer. In truth, teacher is only one part from being a language student, there is also being a journalist, writer, translator, editor, counsellor and basically anything related to English.

Although the language itself is diverse in terms of aspect, the job scope seems to be narrow compared to the subjects you study. Psycholinguistic, sociolinguisitic, discourse, history of English, literature, Lexicology, SLA (Second Language Acquisition) and you name it. There are indeed a ton of the subjects. I am not cursing here! In fact, it is pretty important to be able to delve into those subjects you study and sooner you will realize its importance to the English language.

What is the most vital of all time to the language itself is, without any doubt, the English grammar. I, for one, cannot emphasize enough that it is the role of the English grammar that has rooted deeply into our mind which permits us to commune with each other. To clarify, my proficiency in the said language is no better than the experts themselves but I continue to learn not only for my own betterment, but also to be able to teach others the beauty of the language.

Yes, I love the English language for it has enriched my life with numerous benefits and shown me its astounding beauty that wreathes its magic over my understanding towards the language. When you love something and especially good at it, no doubt you will find yourself in many situations that you would wish to teach others the correct method when the others have fall short of the expectation unconsciously set up in your mind. The term “grammar nazi” is no myth. They do exist among the crowd, often role-playing as the keyboard warriors whom you will find in the social media. Most of them have that insatiable hunger that drives them to correct the mistake done by the masses either from within the mind or by blasting the masses of their wrongdoings. Of course, the latter will definitely yield unfortunate consequence for the both parties.

For myself, I truly am a former grammar nazi but I do not correct the other’s mistake in front of the many people standing beside him. Instead, if he should seek of my guidance, I definitely would help him out. FYI, I am not talking at the expert level. These situations are all of the basic level, as basic as ABC. But still, the struggle within has held me back many times that I am unable to correct the continuous mistakes made by them.

As time passes, I have a vision. A vision to help anyone who wants to learn the language, who wishes to upgrade themselves, who only wants to check the spelling of a word he has misspelled. That vision is to create an English blog purely to assist them by whatever mean necessary. The blog has only just started to grow, and from time to time, I am sure it will be helpful in the long run.

Welp, that is that. This is the English blog, https://basicenglishshortandsimple.blogspot.my/. Be sure to check it out and tell me what you think about it. Drop by the comment as well. Ta-ta!



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