Tyranny Review: Short & Simple

What is Tyranny?

Tyranny is an isometric RPG game that gives player a top-down view to play. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Tyranny borrows much of the successful game mechanism from the studio’s famous game, Pillars of Eternity (POE), such as its in-depth lore, a pausable-in-time combat, decision-making, role-playing, item looting, character leveling and more.

What About It?

You are a Fatebinder, an agent chosen by the Overlord Kyros (a somewhat shadowy omnipotent guy ruling all over Terratus except the last location, Vendrien’s Well) to invoke an Edict (a powerful magic capable of casting immense power shadowing the world with unspeakable ability) and to quell whatever conflicts among the Archons and the enemies involved in the conquest of the Tiers. You are guided by Tunon the Adjudicator during your conquest. The conquest takes place in a fantasy world where bronze sword meets magic.

What so Special About It?

  1. Decision-making. The decision-making in this game allows players to face the consequences according to their decisions. It is featured heavily in this game such as the player’s choice to assimilate Archon Graven Ashe or to kill him. This gives multiple alternate ending to the game.

  2. Spell Crafting. The newly invented system allows players to create random spells if their Lore is high enough. Spells can be in the form of aura and target projectile with many elements such as fire, ice and lightning.
  3. Conquest Mode. Conquest Mode allows players to make their decisions at the three beginning levels of the game on how the players help the Overlord Kyros conquer the world. This affects the interaction of NPC towards the player after the mode.
  4. Classless. Unlike other RPG game where players get to choose the class they play (Warrior, Rogue, Wizard), Tyranny grants players to roleplay any kind of playstyle. Instead the game is tuned towards the specific skill (One-Handed, Bow, Staff) players use the most (think of it like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim).
  5. Party Combo Abilities. Players can cast abilities synchronizing with their allies during battle, to deal damage, debuff the enemies and buff the allies. These combo abilities have huge impact compared to the basic ability, often turning the tide of the battle. Different allies have different combo abilities with the players.
  6. Love & Hate. Likeable and Unlikeable. The brand new reputation system is triggered by how players interact with the different factions and party members. They can cause different reaction to the players based on their actions and decisions while also gaining different abilities in the process. Both Love and Hate can be gained simutaneously without losing the other one.

Comparison to POE

Firstly, the number of companions is limited to only 4 party members. Unlike POE, you can bring up to 6 members. Because of only 4 members, you have to choose carefully which one to bring along such as a tank, a DPS, a support and yourself.  However, the trouble of having a faulty party members is not tremendous compared to POE which requires an intense focus of having each party member to be up to par. For example, a tank needs to be able to soak up most of the damage for the team and a support needs to be always casting defensive spells to help the team at all costs. In Tyranny, it can be forgiving if that role of your party member is flawed slightly.

Secondly, in POE, most of the offensive spells can damage your own allies! Luckily (or unluckily), Obsidian Entertainment has removed the friendly fire in Tyranny for whatever reasons. This means that whatever offensive spells you are going to cast won’t be affecting your party members.


     Finally, Tyranny deserves its fair share of praise especially that the players are able to play “Evil” in an RPG game. Overall, the game is fantastic albeit the repetitive slow combat and few types of enemies reduce the appetite of the game.

Recommendation: Hell, YES


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