Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow Review: Short & Simple

Two Door Cinema Club is back again with their third entry called Gameshow. The album consists of 10 tracks and is released on 14 October 2016. The Irish pop band takes the stage to indie pop mixed with electronic instrument in most of the tracks. Here are the 10 tracks and their respective length listed:

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  1. Are We Ready (Wreck) – 3:52
  2. Bad Decisions – 4:57
  3. Ordinary – 4:58
  4. Gameshow – 3:52
  5. Lavender – 3:55
  6. Fever – 4:42
  7. Invincible – 4:29
  8. Good Morning – 3:56
  9. Surgery – 4:36
  10. Je Viens De La – 3:45


     Believe it or not, not one track from this album is bad. All of them are pretty amazing to their own extent. The band decides to go for a different approach from the previous album, an approach to show us the band’s perspective view towards the materialistic world. The message being conveyed here is that the media shapes our world’s view and we absorbs whatever information being fed from it.

     Regarding the approach in the album, mostly you hear a lot of high-pitched voice from Alex Trimble, the lead singer of the band. The first track and single from the band, Are We Ready (Wreck), is absolutely brilliant, followed by the second single, Bad Decisions, and then the third single, Gameshow.

     All of the songs are perfect to listen to starting with, in my opinion, Bad Decisions, Are We Ready (Wreck), Ordinary, Gameshow, Good Morning, Lavender, Invincible, and Fever. For my least favourite are Surgery and Je Viens De La. Surgery consists of most techno electronic instrument that gives the energetic vibe.

Recommendation: Yes, It’s a Buy.



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