UnhackMe – My Sole Solution to Removing Adware and Malware


In my experience, among the most terrifying things that happen to a PC or lappy has got to be the malware and adware. Of everything beginning with games being not portable, programs being unable to install, DirectX, the frustration that squeezed out of my brain juice is removing Malware and Adware entirely from the internet.

     It took me exactly a week to solve. It required a lot of my attention and intense focus to find out the root of this malicious problem. Surfing countless sites that has both been proven curable to removing this illness or otherwise stifle its movement have instead justified as ineffective as the malware kept coming back to haunt you. You may ask what’s the biggish with it? What’s so terrible?
    As you are well aware of it, Malware and Adware are both kind of viruses that cause random unnecessary pop-ups yet did not pose a real ‘danger’ (such as damaging your lappy’s software or causing a meltdown). The unnecessary pop-ups can be in the form of advertisement of whatever kind such as Russian website or Investment sites. They are literally the bane slowly building up the intense rage within you, which always result in the immediate search of finding the cure. For my case, the malicious source was known as to be a Russian website that together united with other sources of malware to bombard on your screen the moment you were surfing the net, listening to music and even playing your game when your immersion cannot be broken instantly. The most frustrating of all time has got to be the audio coming from the advertisement in the middle of my game.

     No doubt I could not procrastinate further or that thing will keep coming back at me. There were really several “solutions” (maybe they are effective for others’ situation but not mine nonetheless.) but all of their promised works and goals of removing it were nothing to its power. Before jumping into anti-malware programs, yes, I have tried uninstall Chrome and reinstalling it, delete all browsing data, setting it to factory mode, seek and destroy every extensions. Heck, I went so far to search the registry for any faulty elements. Null and void.


     First off, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is an anti-malware that helps to remove malware (duh!) and prevent outbound IP from popping-up at your sites. Yes, its usefulness is only able to prevent it while not able to completely removing it. Then, you have Zemana Anit-Malware, another type of anti-malware. I’ve used it and got nothing out of it. Moving on, you have TDSSKiller originated from Kaspersky Lab. Later, you got Chrome Removal Tool. Most of these tools I had installed brought me undesired result – NO THREAT DETECTED, even though there are still THREATS somewhere in the site.



In the end, I came across this website http://greatis.com/blog/howto/remove-uninstall-rusearch21-ru-virus-redirect-from-chrome-firefox-internet-explorer.htm  and to my surprise, UnhackMe did its job spectacularly (again, In my case). UnhackMe has proven to be effective against the threat by displaying various information needed for the users such as potentially unwanted programs, startup programs, processes, services, malware, and browser plugins. It really did list out everything from your system to effectively bring out the devil for execution. Hence, my lappy is finally free of corruption! All thanks to UnhackMe.


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