A Masked Boon

What is even more terrible than being stuck in a massive traffic jam for hours? Rick couldn't understand how the simplest sense of returning home has to be made so complicated, so infuriating and so disturbing. "Dear fellow passengers, there seems to be an abrupt disturbance up ahead between Shire Boat road and Rowing road. … Continue reading A Masked Boon


Losing is Winning; Winning is Losing

Winning is NOT Winning Everyone thinks that winning will leads to a constant win throughout. This kind of mindset is actually not realistic but instead it's broken. Constant win or a major overturn in a match easily amalgamates both overconfidence personality and that champion mentality. You have to know, Winning is Losing and will eventually leads to a … Continue reading Losing is Winning; Winning is Losing

5 Reasons local-English-varieties are not Errors

We all know that English is the dominant language across the globe. Being the dominant language means that the most powerful authority exert its control in total dominance of the world where other countries would also be affected in one way or another. Although English is inherently almighty, it can't be denied that there are … Continue reading 5 Reasons local-English-varieties are not Errors